Our Social Responsibility

At Digitat we know we have a social responsibility to not only manufacture quality products but also conduct business in an ethical way with high levels of integrity and responsibility to our community, respect for our environment, and dealing with people. We also expect all our partners to share these same values and standards below that we operate by.


Partners will respect the rights of their employees to associate, bargain collectively, & organize in a peaceful and lawful manner, without interference or penalty.

Child Labor

Partners will not use child labor. Child labor refers to a child under the age of 15, or 14 where local law allows.  Partners employing young persons who do not fall within the definition of child  will also comply with any laws and regulations applicable to such persons.


Partners need to recognize that an employee’s salary is vital to meeting an employee’s basic needs. Partners at a minimum will comply with all applicable local, and state wage and hour regulations, and laws. This shall include minimum wage, maximum hours, overtime, and provide mandated benefits.


Our partners will treat each of their employee with respect and dignity, and will never use any physical, sexual, psychological, verbal abuse, or any threats of violence.

Health and Safety

Partner will provide their employees a healthy & safe workplace that follows all applicable state and local laws and regulations. This will include reasonable access to: adequate lighting, fire safety, water and sanitary facilities, and ventilation. Partners will also ensure that the same standards of health and safety are applied in any housing that they provide for employees.

Involuntary Labor

Partners shall not use forced labor under any circumstance.


Partners will not discriminate in the hiring & firing of the employment practices based on advancement, age, disability, ethnic origin, gender, nationality, political opinion, race, or religion.

Protection of the Environment

Manufacturers will meet all applicable Federal, state & local environmental laws and regulations.

Other Pertaining Laws

Manufacturers will comply with all applicable federal, state & local laws and regulations, including those pertaining to the manufacture ring, distribution, pricing, & sale of products. All references to “applicable laws & regulations” as well industry standards.