Phone Buddy® Sticky


  • This is the newest fun way to stick your phone to just about any surface
  • Made with a reusable self-adhesive gel pad that can be used in the car, at the gym, as a phone stand to watch movies, or to play games.
  • Works on any flat surface including mirrors, windows, wood tables, and marble
  • Reusable and washable. When the sticking begins to wear off simply wash the gel, let dry, and reuse
  • Phone Buddy® Sticky can be customized into any shape or size
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Materials: Various

Packaging & Weight
Standard Packaging: Poly
Package Dims: 3 X 1.1 X .1
Package Weight: 2 oz

Shipping Info
Units Per Inner Carton: 25
Units Per Master Carton: 1000
Master Carton Meas: 14 X 14  X 14
Master Carton Weight: 19 lbs

Lead Time: 22 days



MOQ: 200


MOQ: 500


MOQ: 1000


MOQ: 2000+

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