When debossing a logo onto one of our item, the imprinted logo or design causes a depression in the material leaving a depressed or debossed imprint of the logo or design on the product.


When embossing a logo onto one of our items, it is pressed from underneath the item causing a raised area on the material surface leaving a 3D effect imprint of the logo or design on the product.

4 Color Process

This is the process of taking a color image and separating it into 4 different separate images and color values (CMYK) using screens and filters which is done with software. This process is best used for logos with gradients or logos with tough registrations.

Heat Transfer

Logo or graphics are pre-printed and then are bonded to the item using high heat and pressure.

Hot Stamping

A dry printing method where foils are transferred to the item at high temperatures to create the logo or design.

Laser Engraving

The surface of the item is vaporized and melted by heat generated by the laser beam which causes the material to be removed. The recess formed on the surface is how the logo or the design is created.

Laser Marking

The surface area of the material is slightly altered by moving a low-powered beam slowly across the material using a method called discoloration. Laser then causes oxidation under the surface turning the material black. Then, it applies low temperature to generate the logo or design.

Pad Printing

First, the logo or graphics plate is created. Once the plate is created, it is flooded with ink and wiped clean, leaving the ink in the etched area only. Once the surface of the ink sticks to the printing pad it seals that side of the ink film. The pad is then lifted and exposes the other side of the film which sticks to the product.

Silk Screen

A frame is used to stretch over the item being printed tightly with a piece of polyester.  A think sheet of plastic is then placed over the item with holes cut where the ink will be printed. The item is placed on a flat board, then pressed onto the item. The ink flows through the screen onto the item. With multiple colors, we start with lighter colors and then go up to the darkest.